27th May 2020

The combination of the Governor’s shelter order and complimentary orders entered by many Michigan courts, including the Michigan Supreme Court (MSCt), has brought civil litigation to a virtual standstill.  A few courts are holding remote access settlement conferences and time … more

22nd May 2020

a grouping of words relating to estate planning including living will, irrevocable trust, power of attorney, inheritance tax, and more

The COVID-19 pandemic has caught virtually all of us by surprise.  Stay-home orders have given us time to tend to our to-do lists.  If it is not already on your to-do list, consider adding a review of your estate plan … more

17th Apr 2020

United States Capitol Building and the Cares Act

The recently passed CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) has gotten a lot of publicity in the media, largely for its provision pushing back the income tax deadline from April 15 to July 15, the promise of … more

21st Feb 2020

Leona Helmsley, who was the heir to the Helmsley Hotel fortune and often referred to as the “Queen of Mean,” died in 2007. She reportedly had a net worth of $8 billion. In her will she created what is probably … more