22nd Mar 2012

Michigan builders trust fund act with a pile of tools

The Michigan Builders Trust Fund Act Hits the Nail on the Head for Unpaid Laborers Evident throughout metro Detroit is the fact that the Great Recession has thoroughly impacted the local real estate and construction industry. Critics may argue that … more

different social media buttons

As employees of a company, we are all accountable for how we speak about that company’s products, services, and operations, whether in person, on the phone, in print or online.  The following sample Social Media Policy is a valuable employer … more

21st Mar 2012

Beier Howlett is proud to announce Mary Kucharek as a partner in the firm.  Mary is a member of the firm’s municipal practice group, specializing in prosecutions and criminal law. Mary is a graduate of The University of Detroit School … more

15th Jul 2010

a big pile of dirt and rocks

On July 15, the Michigan Supreme Court discarded an 80-year-old test that granted special rights to owners of property containing extractable resources, such as sand and gravel, to challenge local zoning ordinances. The test, known as the “no very serious … more