2nd Jun 2023

Couples typically do not marry with the plan to separate at some point down the road. Marriage is wonderful, but there are instances where the marriage does not work out for couples and in that case, they would need to … more

25th May 2023

cloudy sky with a red flag stating Michigan red flag laws

On Monday, Governor Whitmer signed a new bill into law regarding “Red Flag” Gun Laws. Michigan is the 21st state to implement this type of law which are also sometimes referred to as extreme risk protection orders. The stated purpose … more

23rd May 2023

a stack of books with different titles stating environmental law, Michigan Supreme Court Cites Beier Howlett Attorney, and Beier Howlett

Beier Howlett lawyer Jeff Haynes was cited by a Michigan Supreme Court justice in a recently published dissenting opinion. In Lakeshore Group v. State of Michigan, 510 Mich 853 (2022), the court was considering whether or not to grant leave … more

19th May 2023

In the event that you die without a will in Michigan, your assets will be distributed to your relatives under Michigan Intestate Succession. This set of laws serves as a default will that instructs how and to whom your assets … more