15th Feb 2024

school aged children reading books and a teacher helping a student reading

Many bills signed by Governor Whitmer in 2023 are now law and will be going into effect in mid-February 2024. One of these laws is the repeal of the “Read by Grade Three” law, the result of which is that … more

12th Feb 2024

a gun safe on a spiral background and new Michigan firearms laws

On Tuesday, February 13, 2024, new firearm violence prevention bills will become effective law. These laws signed by Governor Whitmer were sponsored bills in response to the two mass school shootings that occurred at Oxford High School in 2021 and … more

16th Jan 2024

a group of business people discussing something with a white board and words saying do you know how to structure your business

Starting your own business requires many steps, but one of the first steps is deciding your business structure. In Michigan, there are several types, ranging from simple to complex. Corporations are required by law to have a board of directors, … more

8th Jan 2024

a document being signed with a house and set of keys discussing lady bird deeds and how they work and the benefits to them and when they are not the best option

A Lady Bird Deed, also called an Enhanced Life Estate Deed, is a type of Quitclaim Deed that can be an important part of an estate plan in Michigan. It is a method for transferring real property to another individual, … more