16th Dec 2022

ornaments hanging from the top of the image with the words common family law questions asked during the holiday season

The holidays are a time of celebrating together with families and loved ones. A time of memory making but they can also be very busy and exhausting. While we strive to make the holiday season special, not all families are … more

25th Oct 2022

one image has a child carrying a box of toys and another image is of a child holding a drawing of a family holding hands and the words protecting foster care children over both images

Last week, Governor Whitmer signed a new bill into law that protects children in the Michigan foster care system. One of the main points of the bill was to further expand the meaning of “relative.” Before this bill, only a … more

27th Sep 2022

featured image for drivers record blog post showing a vehicle, driver's license, and a traffic ticket

So, you have been pulled over, issued a ticket, and now have points on your driver’s record. But do you understand the point system and how it can affect you? When you commit a traffic offense and are found guilty … more

21st Sep 2022

cars going down the road in one direction and then a car that is in the shape of a lemon going down the road in another direction

When you make the decision to purchase a new vehicle, you normally assume that it will work properly and that no persistent or serious issues will arise, at least not right away. However, there are some cases where vehicles are … more