25th Oct 2023

tenancy agreement paperwork with an image of a house and a set of keys and a pen showing how important it is to prepare lease and rental agreements properly

As a landlord, it is important to prepare lease and rental agreements properly. Lease and rental agreements are the foundation of the legal relationship with your tenant. It is common for lease and rental agreements to be used interchangeably, however … more

16th Oct 2023

an image of attorney Michael Gibbons stating that he was named a notable leader in employment and labor law by Crain's Detroit Business

Congratulations to Michael Gibbons for being named a Notable Leader in Employment and Labor Law by Crain’s Detroit Business. Receiving this prestigious acknowledgement speaks to Mike and who he is as an attorney. Crain’s Detroit Business, a renowned business publication … more

10th Oct 2023

an image of someone sitting down in a jail cell with their hands on their knees and handcuffs on their hands with a question asking if you understand what your crime charges mean for you

You have been charged with a crime, but do you fully understand what it means? Do you know the severity of the charges you face? Do you understand the impact it could have on your future? In Michigan, there are … more

3rd Oct 2023

featured image for trustee blog post asking if you know your fiduciary duty as a trustee with an image of estate planning papers and folders

One of the most important decisions when it comes to creating a Trust is who to name as the Trustee. This job should not be taken lightly. Trustees are responsible for safeguarding your assets for you and your beneficiaries. Trustees … more