23rd Mar 2012

Ariel view of an apartment complex and parking lot regarding following the landlord-tenant laws

Are You Following the Law? Owning rental property – be it residential or commercial – can be a lucrative business. But being a landlord also has its share of pitfalls and land mines. A prudent property owner who is careful … more

For the 11th straight year, Beier Howlett is supporting the Wish-A-Mile 300 Bicycle Tour. The  “WAM” is a three-day, three-hundred mile bicycle tour across Michigan, from Traverse City to Chelsea, Michigan. This is the Make- A-Wish Foundation’s single largest fundraiser, which … more

22nd Mar 2012

a cloud with slots in it showing information going out of it into the sky

Know the Risks of Cloud Computing Apple recently announced that it would launch iCloud, the latest innovation in “cloud computing.” In reality, most people should be familiar with the meaning of this because most people have used this particular service. … more

Michigan builders trust fund act with a pile of tools

The Michigan Builders Trust Fund Act Hits the Nail on the Head for Unpaid Laborers Evident throughout metro Detroit is the fact that the Great Recession has thoroughly impacted the local real estate and construction industry. Critics may argue that … more