23rd Mar 2012

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Self-Defense Chemical Spray (Pepper Spray) Law Amended

Michigan police departments should be aware of a very subtle, yet significant, change in the law related to self-defense chemical spray. An amendment to Michigan Compiled Law Section 750.244d was signed into law on December 22, 2010 by former Governor Granholm. The amendment allows for a higher concentration of oleoresin capsicum in self-defense “pepper” sprays or foam. The law previously allowed for only 2% of a solution containing oleoresin capsicum. The new law allows for a solution containing not more than 10% of oleoresin capsicum.

“Michigan residents will now have access to a greater variety of self-defense products that are not lethal and easy to purchase to protect themselves and their property,” said Rep. Hugh Crawford (R-Novi) who introduced the legislation in the state House. “Allowing a higher concentration of this chemical in pepper spray devices makes these products safer for users, and gives a person more options instead of using physical force for protection.”

Officers throughout the state need to be aware of this subtle change in the law so enforcement can be accurate and effective. Beier Howlett welcomes your questions about this change in the law and is prepared to provide any assistance to your police agency as may be needed on this issue.

Michigan Legislature-Self Defense Spray or Foam Device

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